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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Narrowing Down the Topic

As I sit here contemplating what the focus of my project will be, I sadly realize there is such a need for research and so many topics I would love to delve into, but there is never enough time. So I will have to choose. Yesterday, I facilitated a professional development course for foreign language teachers and I realized the strong need for the implementation of technology in the foreign language classroom. My dilemma has been trying to decide if I want to focus my study on technology implementation and how to motivate, support, integrate, and reinforce its use in the classroom for all educators in the district; or if I should focus specifically on the integration, etc., in the foreign language classroom. Yesterday’s class clearly indicated that they want this technology and they want to integrate it, but they need help. They need help in support, patience, collaboration, and resources. These educators were excited, motivated, and thrilled to be able to take templates with them to use in their classrooms. It was really very satisfying to see that many of the educators I thought would be resistant to technology integration- were not! They were having fun and really attempting to learn all they could.

I gave them some insight on Web 2.0 tools and they were so energized! Thrilled- would be a more appropriate word. They were introduced to wikis and Voicethread. I would love to teach a class for foreign language teachers on Web 2.0 tools and how to use these tools in their classrooms.

Next week I am facilitating two classes of Google Earth for Foreign Language Teachers! I see such potential in this tool that I have been working on my own lesson that is a webquest meets Carmen San Diego activity. I think it will be a great lesson.

Is it possible that I just talked myself into my own action research project? Well, that is always a possibility with me! I suppose the biggest question I have brewing is, "Which study will impact the most individuals?" If I base it on this question, then obviously I will need to go with technology integration for all teachers and how to create programs and professional development where they will continue to grow with each tool used. I suppose I will need to research a little further to get data to support my crazy ideas.

There is just so much room for trial and error in a foreign language classroom without the focus of TAKS. It's not to say that we do not have standards; however, we have more freedom to explore and modify. If it bombs, well, try to fix it or throw it out.

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